Transformational Framework

Create a strategic framework for all stakeholders to transform culture



Conducted a deep analysis of organizational culture for the development and implementation of a strategic framework for learning that aligns with mission and values. Included in this process is a robust set of tools for evaluation and organizational impact.

Target Audience

This organization was had 60,000 employees and was focused on healthcare delivery. The framework was for all employees which included clerical, clinical, and all leadership levels.


A combination of readily available data such as employee satisfaction surveys, on-boarding evaluations, and meta-data tools were used for a broad understanding. In addition, in person interviews were conducted with key stakeholders.

Final Product

A well articulated framework that included desired outcomes or competencies based on goals that aligned to the values and mission of the organization. In addition, a visual representation of the model was create for better understanding and presentation outlines for presentations to help socialize new framework with all team members and leadership.

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