New Leader On-Boarding

Create a hybrid virtual and in-person on-boarding on culture and values



The organization needed to curb attrition and help middle managers acculturate to corporate culture without too much of an impact to productivity.

Target Audience

Newly hired middle managers that are in the 90 day window of hire.


Utilizing the LMS system in a more creative and engaging manner to conduct a 30 minute over view of culture which includes mission and values. In addition to that develop 4 in-person 1 hour sessions to further explore company culture.

Final Product

A flexible 6 month to a year program was developed that began with the 30 minute LMS module and progressed to the in-person sessions. Regional VP’s were satisfied with the program and gave them a more mentoring role of new hires.


Both the 90-day of hire survey and the annual employee satisfaction surveys numbers went up. In addition, both middle managers and supervisors felt a better connection to the organization. In the end, this program helped the organization sustain culture and fostered more inclusivity.

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