Executive Culture Cultivation

An 18 month in-person cohort with Sr. Leaders to further enhance organizational culture



In an effort to promote more cultural cohesion, this organization decided to create an in-depth program for Sr. Leaders that would help them better understand the alignment of mission and values to the culture. The end goal was to have these leaders operationalize this alignment into every day tasks.


After an analysis of the culture of the organization an articulation was created of the key competencies that fostered culture. These competencies were then written into a curriculum that spanned 18 months. Included in the planning were action mapped learnings so that these sessions were practical, hands on and scenario based.

Final Product

Facilitation guides as well as other pertinent deliverables were created for these cohorts. The in-person cohorts were 8 sessions that lasted three days each over a period of 18 months. There were 40 participants in each cohort so as to maximize discussion.

Assessment and Metrics

Session evaluations as well as in-person one on one evaluations were very favorable. Leadership scores increased for each of participants and their sense of the culture and their impact on the organization was visible throughout.

Let’s build something great together.