Consulting and Curriculum


A strong culture and organizational effectiveness, help organizations foster inclusive environments in which leadership and teamwork flourish. Utilizing decades of experience in learning consulting and training—drawing on systems thinking, cultural competence, and learning theories.

Curriculum Design and LEarning

State-of-the-art training, leadership and development programs, and organizational change initiatives for organizations both for and not for profit.

-Create more effective learning experiences

-Design courses or training programs from scratch

 -Review and/or revise existing learning materials.

  -Consult on choosing an instructional technology

  -Professional Development Training

  -Engaging learning interventions that are engaging

  -Implementing adult learning theory

Culture and Values

Cultural alignment represents a major strategic asset for organizations.  But how do you instill a common belief across your team members?  Is your organizational culture a lever you can use to achieve goals, or does it act as a roadblock? People and culture alignment can enhance your operational goals and build a happier workplace.

 -Values assessment

-Pulse Surveys

-Mission and Vision and Values alignment

 -Operationalizing values

Team Building

Building a highly effective team through team development programs that emphasize team priorities, mutual accountability, candid and thoughtful dialogue, and trust developed over time.

The members of any team face the challenge of balancing their priorities with the team leader’s goals and agenda. Even well-functioning teams can benefit from pausing to reflect on how well their decision-making process is working and whether the experience and talents of their members are being fully leveraged.


-Leadership Development

-Virtual and In-Person Sessions

 -Building Agility

-Emotional Intelligence and psychological safety

-Centering Racial Equity in teams

“Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them. ”

Stephen Covey

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