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There are some estimates out there that say that we will spend 90,000 hours at work in our lifetime. Another way to say that is that we will spend a third of our time working. It is possible to have a job or career that is both meaningful and life-giving. Coaching can help you identify areas where you need to align your values to your work. The goal of career coaching is to align your passion with your everyday work for a more meaningful career and life.


Our lives are filled with transitions and change. Often, these transitions come at inopportune times. We all need help managing transitions from our jobs. Whether your transition is your choice or not–finding that next chapter is key to your success.

Work-Life Balance

Balancing our work and our personal life gives us more energy and a more fulfilled life. Many of us tend to get overbooked with work and we neglect those aspects of our life that are very meaningful to us. Coaching can help us center ourselves on what is important. Taking an inventory of our working and professional lives can help us re-balance them so that things that matter become the most important for us.

“But sometimes the “shoulds” do not work because the life one is living runs crosswise to the grain of one’s soul.”

Parker Palmer “Let Your Life Speak”

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